Web Wisdom Gets Rave Book Reviews

"A practical approach that helps you turn your website from a mere online brochure to a marketing tool that is many notches higher.

An excellent roadmap for maximising the return on your online investment. Effective communications in your website means higher business volume and greater profits subsequently sharpening your strategies in your overall wealth building journey. A must read book."
Brenda Yong
Brenda Yong
Group Managing Director, KP Global Holdings Sdn Bhd
"An easy read for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) especially for those who are new to web marketing and seeking to understand it.

 It's written in a conversational style which doesn't overwhelm or intimidate the reader.  It enables them to chew on web design and web marketing in small, non-threatening bites."
Sunny Cervantes
Sunny Cervantes
Marketing director of a New York-based
telecommunications company
"This book offers a very comprehensive and holistic narrative on the best practices on websites and marketing reach. This is not just a book on "what" but "what now" to guide entrepreneurs to evaluate and decide on what they can do as next steps. There is a wealth of information in this book - make the most out of this!"
Soong Chok Mun
Chok Mun Soong
Vice President of Fortune 500 business organisation, Australia
"Products or services that provide unique value propositions in helping customers solve their problems will stand out strong among competition. Krista and Nic’s book gives a lucid account to business owners and organisations on how to go about creating this competitive advantage using websites. A must-read for all."
Daniel Yeoh
Daniel Yeoh
Principal Consultant, Certified Master Performance Coach ALIVE Consultancy, Singapore
"It is really useful as you are writing  localized content (versus those we read from foreign authors whose content will be unfamiliar to our local context). Like how you provide your points in separate checklists as resource for people who are using your points at work and need a quick reference. Definitely worth the value and great job!"
Andrew Koay
Small business owner
"A well-written book covering all the relevant areas of importance for online marketing.

I will recommend the book to others to read. Congratulations for coming out with a book which will be very useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners."
Sathu Raman
Former university staff (retired)
"My son in law who does SEO found it very interesting and well written. He said it has already helped him in his business. Thank you!"
Jeyaraman Seenivasagam
Memory & Mind Mapping Trainer
"This book is the perfect answer to help me achieve my resolution of transforming my website and giving it a makeover! I am excited to put all those useful and practical tips to action. Kudos to Krista and Nic for the valuable and insightful knowledge!"
Rebecca Loke
Author of children's books
"It was an easy read, with lots of ideas, examples & strategies - all shared from the heart - like a good friend wanting you to do well & succeed - which I find rather unique & heartwarming. I am absolutely confident it will lead me in the right direction. Thanks for caring enough to share your well thought out strategies (secret recipes) for web success."
Susan Chuah
Organising specialist
"Clear, concise and practical - I had a lot of 'aha!' moments while reading this book. Why?

Because I've been unknowingly doing the stuff they covered in the book but Krista & Nic put them together in a succinct way."
Ching-Foo Lieu
Independent Financial Advisor
"Websites seem so common these days yet are our websites driving the desired results? Nic and Krista's book is a gem - easy to understand with clearly defined steps. More importantly, they write to share what they know, learned and experienced, after having created successful websites for their entrepreneur clients in the past 19 years."
Nancy Ong
Nancy Ong
Author of "Fun in Fund-Raising" & former Community Development Manager of Penang Adventist Hospital
"A good quality website conveys the heart and brand of a company and differentiates the business more effectively. This book is the perfect start up guide for you if you’ve ever wondered why some websites win and others don’t. A truly informative yet constructive book. Highly recommended."
Jayanthi Chandrasegaran
General Manager, Regus Group Penang
"The book highlights the true purpose of having a website as a marketing machine to help us win in the game of business. It is an insightful read as it brings clarity to the true value of an excellent website, one that visitors and potential clients say yes to. It brings us back to the fundamental reason why we need to have a powerful website as explained in the book. For this reason alone, everyone should own this book."
Sharifah Raudhah
Sharifah Raudhah Alqudsy
Executive Leadership Coach
FACE2FACE Technology
"An easy-to-read and practical business book for entrepreneurs and marketers who struggle to create a successful website or make it even better!

Authors' experiences, real-life case studies and best practices in this book should be adopted by every entrepreneur who wants to succeed online."
Alex Lee
Director of Programme Promotion
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
"For as long as I have known this couple, they have always had the heart to learn new things and new perspectives. Nothing gives them more joy than seeing people grow in understanding and knowledge; they truly embody genuine interest in building human capital. They would rather teach you how to fish instead of handing you the fish! This book will help you build a sustainable, profitable and ethical way of marketing your business."
lim soh peng
Lim Soh Peng
Lead Teacher, Singapore
"It's crucial that businesses get the most out of their investments on websites. A website is your best marketing asset and I call it 'the main gateway' to a business or brand. This book delves into practical ideas as well as provide a step-by-step guide on how to get the best results. Tangible results can be achieved by really knowing how to lead, strategise and extract value from website development and management. The list of questions & resources in this book is most helpful."
Ooi Lay Tin
Kuala Lumpur
"Just to share with you this from my web designer: Did you know that your website already is listed on the first page of Google? Thank you for the book which I learnt useful tips and applied. I don't know how it happened but it happened. Note sure if I told you but I bought a second copy of your book and gave it as a gift to my web designer. You should see my book. I highlighted, circled, underlined, folded and starred. Every chapter has things for me to learn and apply. The book is written in such a friendly way as if you are talking to me in person and teaching me what to do. It is the right book at the right time. It is great!"
Ooi Hooi Kin
Online Entrepreneur, Penang
"I recently got a job at a company, to be a content writer with their digital marketing team.

Your book is helping a lot! So much basics I didn’t know! In the end it’s really about going back to the basics isn’t it?

To start at ground level when everything seems so overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.

Your three questions for business owners is teaching me to understand my customers so I can write better to reach them."
Writer, Kuala Lumpur