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It’s 2023 – are you still struggling with your website and trying to make it work for your business? 

Get proven website strategies to help you attract prospects and customers, get visible on Google and position yourself as the leader and expert online. 

This book is made for you if you want to leverage your website as a powerful marketing tool. 

Our book shows you how to use the right tips, ideas and knowledge to become more visible, credible and profitable. 

We’ve been helping our clients get results from their websites since 1998. We conduct webinars and workshops on marketing. Our clients include doctors, small business owners, consultants and more. And we wrote this book for business owners just like you. 

With this book, you have access to 25 years of our insider secrets and strategies for building a great website, creating great content for your website and social media, ranking on Google organically and marketing yourself confidently online on your social media as well as your website. 

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About The Book

Web Wisdom: The Definitive Guide to Getting Customers With Your Website Even If They’re 10,000 KM Away is a specific and in-depth how-to book that helps entrepreneurs and business owners leverage their websites for marketing results and growth.

Most websites fail because they’ve never been designed or written for marketing. Even web designers buy our books to help them understand how to turn websites into marketing assets!

Our book shows you with clear examples the major differences between websites that fail versus websites that sell. Discover too how you can improve your website to attract better prospects and customers, enhance your brand and image, and emerge as the authority and expert of your industry!

Leverage organic search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. All these are important for today’s marketing and you must be equipped to use the resources around you. 

Our book reveals all you need to know to go online confidently – step-by-step approaches, insider tips and valuable shortcuts to help you improve your website and online marketing immediately. We teach you what we have learned in getting results for our clients. 

Our book is based on our 25 years of experience in strategising and developing business websites – websites which have helped our clients attract prospects, convert them into customers and grow profits since 1998.  

The book is in the process of being updated and the 2nd edition will be available by end of 2023. If you’d like to pre-order the book, contact us. 

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Paperback, 226 pages, 10 chapters.
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Digital PDF

This digital version is currently unavailable as we are updating it. Look out for the 2nd edition with bonus chapters. 

"Nic and Krista, the authors and owners of Redbox Studio have been in the website design and marketing business since 1998 and this book is different from many others out there as it doesn’t contain hocus-pocus about website marketing but rather real-life success stories. I’d recommend this book to business owners who want to fully make use of their websites to grow their businesses!"
Rona Lee
Quality Assurance practitioner in private education
"It is one of those wonderful and rare how-to books that make learning easy; the content is explained simply and clearly without insulting the reader’s intelligence, it’s filled with real, relatable stories that any entrepreneur (or appreciator of good stories) would enjoy reading about. If there was one book that you, a Malaysian entrepreneur, should read this year, make it this one."

About The Authors

Nic Sim

Nic is the founder and CEO of Redbox Studio. He started the business in 1998 and is still actively involved in the business until today. 

His super power is the ability to cut through all the clutter and hone in on what’s important in business. His strong analytical mind coupled with his marketing know-how means clients often benefit from his unusual strategies! 

Unknown to many, he is an artist with a degree in Fine Art besides being a web design geek, inventor, trainer and marketer. Nic was the past chairman of  the Penang branch of Malaysian Mensa, the internationally recognised society for people with high IQ.

He developed the Redbox X-Factor system which is a system based on the ancient Chinese martial art of Wing Chun. This system is the foundation that helps Redbox Studio clients succeed online.

After decades of teaching clients about entrepreneurship and marketing, Nic invented an entrepreneur game, Big Timer. It helps entrepreneurs strategize smarter for their businesses. The game is available as part of the Big Timer workshops that he conducts. 

He is also the master trainer for his One Mountain One Dragon workshops where he teaches entrepreneurs how to market and how to succeed as leaders and experts in their industries.

More about him at 

krista goon
Krista Goon

Krista is the co-founder and co-owner of Redbox Studio with 25 years of experience in copywriting and marketing.

She is an expert in using content for marketing, creating strategies that empower clients to get results. Her marketing and storytelling abilities have helped Redbox Studio clients turn prospects into customers and customers into profits without fail.

She is a regular speaker at technology, marketing and entrepreneurship events and has spoken to hundreds of people through MBA classes, technology events such as GBG and Piktochart’s Webcamp and similar entrepreneurship forums and panels. 

Krista is the co-founder and advisor for WomenBizSENSE, a women entrepreneur organisation in Penang, which led to her nomination for the Great Women Of Our Time Awards in 2008. She was its president from 2012 to 2016.  

She shares her marketing ideas via the Redbox Studio Youtube channel. And she features Asian women in business and their stories as the host and creator for Womenpreneur Asia, the podcast she created in 2020 for Asian women entrepreneurs.

As a communicator, she also taps into the community to share business knowledge by interviewing business owners and entrepreneurs for the Redbox Studio Show. Watch the replay of the live streams at 

More about her at 

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"Every chapter has things for me to learn and apply. The book is written in such a friendly way as if you are talking to me in person and teaching me what to do." Ooi Hooi Kin, Penang

"This book highlights how your website can do marketing for you, what aspects you need to consider when developing your website and how to attract quality visitors to your website. If you are new or would like to upgrade your website to be better, you should read this book!" Tan Mei Ling, Penang